How to Pull a Well Pump Step by Step

Pulling and replacing a submersible water well pump is easy if you know how to pull a well pump. Learn first how these pumps operate before you can fix its problem because working on this is quite dangerous. An advanced DIY with basic knowledge with electrical wiring and plumbing skills is a plus when pulling and replacing it.

Why well pump should be replaced

A device, which has an air – tight motor with a close – coupled to its pump body installed to pump out fluids also involves problems. One of the well pump problems is pump cavitation, which blocks its passageway and stops pumping out fluids. Sometimes it is not good that this would happen because clean and potable water is extremely important that can save your water bills.

Tips on how to pull a well pump

Sometimes, removing and replacing well pump takes and needs quality time and effort, so be patient when doing it. Keep in mind that this job is easy when you have the appropriate materials for the job added with confidence and determination.  You could get a water well pump hoist as seen in this pictures.

wellpumphoistBut if you can’t get your hands on one do the following: There are materials you need such as pulley, a 2x 4 lumbers, which is around 48 foot lengths and vehicle for pulling out the pump and you should:

  1. Check the circuit breaker – if something is wrong in your deep well, so it is necessary to check its circuit breaker. If its disrupt probably it is time to take off its cap and check its power leads, which go with its well casing. There should be a link at the top of it where you can easily get its leads for circuit testers. Be careful because you are working with electricity and if you are not up for the job then do not attempt!
  2. Switch off its power – it is necessary to do this so that you can work with your well pump. If the power is still on, you need to replace the water so that it level would not drop. In this case, you will need to remove its pump and add more pipe than necessary to reach this new level.
  3. wellpumptripodBuild a tripod – using the 2×4 lumber, puts it on the center over its well casing and suspends the pulley under your tripod. Reach for the well casing and grab the rope, loop it over the pulley, and attach it to the vehicle. Make sure that your tripod is secure, takes it to the ground, and pull the pump out using the vehicle.
  4. Move the vehicle away to raise the pump that allows you to remove its pipe. Once you got the pipe out of the groove just drive your vehicle until the pump is out of the well.

The benefits of pulling a well pump

Pulling and replacing well pump can clean and increase water level. Bear in mind that this pump is reliable and easy to install, which can save your water bills. Do not worry because this is easy to clean with and easy to hook up any water levels. It can last longer than others do, and it has a removable leaf trap and cap that prevents clogs.

This a submersible pump is efficient and only requires a minimum maintenance. It has a high-end capacity and the best economical pumps that can reach 80 feet or more than the usual pump. As a result, these are the best and most effective on how to pull a well pump!